Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Of Many One

As a child, I would lie on my back in a summers night meadow, in firefly warm darkness. Gazing upward to the vaulted velvet midnight stars in sparkling clarity, like so many jewels in the sky, I would be entranced, enraptured in wonder and see the mind of Creation... the mind of God. Experience the sight of our own galaxy, etched across the dome of a night sky seen at 14,000 feet, and such is so very evident... and extraordinarily exquisite.

At six, I had no name in my mind for what I perceived, that which resonated in my heart and imagination. A decade would pass before any written rules of religion were learned. By that time in my life I had forgotten the wonder only to have another decade pass until the re awakening of remembering. But at six, still I recognized and connected within to a world much more encompassing than the everyday apparent.

I would converse with the moon, her gifting light cloaking the night with silver lace... Sister would ask what I was doing with the chastisement of how could I expect the moon to listen, much less answer... but the Goddess of night spoke back to me... and her poetry resonates still with clarity in my heart.

From the tip of any finger, the physical universe extends in infinite direction both inward to the molecular and outward in grand spacial dimensions, stars, and galaxies beyond counting... Receding away at red shift from the first blooming of creation 15 billion years ago... This exhalation breath of the One Divine Life, transformed into a myriad of stars and worlds indeed even the endless dimensions of the Multiverse.

From those distant edges unseen at the reaches of the visible, spiraling down to infinitesimally small at the quantum level, the building clay of form, identical particles binding together with the energy of creation in combinations and mutable vibration. These atoms and elements forged in the furnace hearts of stars, in elliptical orbit around the molecular center .

So similar are these, excepting scale, to our own solar planetary system... Worlds named for the gods and the mythic, almost in identical orbiting... Bound by the gravity, yet not in bondage in an ecliptic celestial symphony around a center, a delineation of our own star ...from which all warmth and light caresses this earth, an essential ingredient in the embracing abundance of life.

This is so perfect in complexity to my scientific intellectual mind, so as not to be random, or born from chaos... but instead an order of absolute delicate precision scripted by divine mind. So simple to my intuitive mind to be a melody... a single note of one perfect whole...

To Earth our mother our home warmed and watered to aliveness, amidst all the vastness of universe, the perfect stillness in the absolute zero of space... A temperate blue green world clothed in ocean, wearing her gossamer veil of atmosphere, abloom with life in every single possible everywhere, from the frozen permafrost to volcanic undersea vents in darkness and pressure... Still Life springs forth on Gaea, and all this is profoundly thoroughly interconnected, everything, iterare as one.

To all of us, each residing in the vessel of human form, all waves of actualization and intention, united in divinity. Each with perceived individuality, all with our freedom of choice ...live in a past which is gone, or a future which never arrives, or simple be... Truly paying gracious attention to this precious wonderful moment ... and drinking from the well of life... the holy water of our conscious presence.

Individual we are as snowflakes, falling in our dance within the beautiful blue sky of spirit...
Each singular in appearance of passage, yet robed in pure white.
With the merging of all colours prismed in crystalline perfection.
Drifting slowly down in stillness to the ground of mind , blanketing the earth in white.
All of us intermingled... indivisible as one.

Are there distinctions.?
Heaven or earth, darkness or light, sorrow or joy, ocean or sky, galaxies or atoms,or the multitude of goddesses and gods heros exemplars, avatars, names of the divine gathered in our mythology and genetic memory backward into this mists of time?

Perhaps instead beyond the interare of the many... singularity.
Lover intertwined with beloved.
Spirit in waltz with divine.
Incessantly present.
Eternally one.

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