Tuesday, May 6, 2008

lifted up

if lifted up with mine arms i can
then such will i with tender touch
and strong arms embracing truth too

if kiss away tribulations i’m allowed
then gather i such troubles within
attend to them to tend away drifting

if plow and planting the garden flowering
such would be blooms arranged unequaled
of colour texture and scent in moment vases

such a garden i plant to tend is as if water
in the desert has arrived in my thirsty heart

...beloved awakened

Thursday, May 1, 2008

life as happiness

Life is awash with challenges, and dilemma, but is also blessed with many joys and wonders. The thundering beat of oceanic surf, beautiful blue sky, exquisite sunshine, delicate beauty of a flower, laughter of a children and warmth of holding a caressing embrace. Do we need to be caught in the dilemma, or instead let go to allow these wonders to fill our hearts, minds and very core?

Happiness is existent prior to the event of being so, and as such independent of external condition. In this place of refuge we could choose to reside and bask in the eternal sunshine of content and peace. In such a garden, and from this refuge we can smile and open as a blossoming flower to the sunshine of truth; living in the presence of inner peace giving out the scented fragrance to all around us, our family, our friends, and our community. Then it seems the whole world extending out from this our center like ripples on the forest pond. This can change the world. One small smile extending everywhere...and caress to our world of joy and life. World peace and love created from the starting point of individual peace and happiness.

It seems not to me a book has to be read to sense all this of the rich tapestry of life within us and always present all around everywhere eternally. Is it necessary to be schooled on experiencing the beauty of the ocean... dulcet melody of a violin... pure inner luminescent colour of a flower? No I think not, it just comes naturally, arising in the present moment. The true secret of happiness is to be in this attitude of appreciation every moment of our lives. We can make such as natural as a our breathing which requires not a singular conscious thought to occur. And this can happen anywhere you are... here and now. It is so simple, yet profound.