Thursday, November 13, 2008

on wings

we are
all of luminescence and fire
light children amidst incandescent stars
within that most eternal mind of creation
incessantly infinite velvet diamond night sky

each of us forged in the furnace hearts of stars
sublimely transparent indivisibly stretched thin
us each visible signs of immaculate grace

our beloved awakened with song released
with our words invisible uttered in whispers
as the silent divine within us seeks echo

grounded on the threshold of our inner world
on our feet each molded from beautiful clay
from the very flesh of this ancient earth

embodied resonance we are humankind
in our creative and turbulent sacrament
all voices meant to sing
our hands meant to create
in bodies meant to dance
with dreams meant to be
on wings meant to fly
are we

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

gather thee

gather thee your shadows close in embrace
clench them all in arms softly crossed
they singular each are yours these blooms
as red lover’s roses bouquets a plenty

though the thorns may bite your arms
and draw the blood of your body
draw quick the breaths of thy spirit
whispering of your only self

each drop seeps velvet red of the petals
these blossoms each opening in slow awaken
turning towards a sun rising anew
dispel twilight seen in with the dawning

each shadow a delicate blooming present
delicate in darkness soft and full
with colour’s kiss, emotion and scent
a gift of clear presence unfettered peace

Saturday, November 8, 2008


we are each one of us
as fireflies in dancing
amidst luminous stars
against velvet diamond night
luminescent mind of god

in love and awakened
gifting our souls all away
our music within released
whispering soft silent breaths
the invisible unspoken divine

sublimely transparent
indivisibly stretched thin
embracing all that beloved
in each of us the universe
yet singularly as humans

voices meant to sing
hands meant to paint
bodies meant to dance
thoughts meant to manifest
wings meant to fly