Friday, October 31, 2008

Diagnosis, Prognosis and an Attitude of Faith

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” 1

The question is of diagnosis/prognosis in an medical sense juxtaposed aside the same such in a metaphysical opinion. The insightful quote above which for me addresses this question. This can be held to be true in a medical sense, as in the power of belief, the placebo effect as an example, but most especially in a Metaphysical sense. Medicine deals with the quantitative, recordable, and obvious. Metaphysics relates to the more sensate and conscious, at times latent aspects of each. These are of course interconnected as are all aspects of life for it is our attitude which creates our reality.

Diagnosis is the discovery and identification by process of elimination and procedures, of the nature of basically anything existant. In a medical sense this is; that by observing symptoms, and from the results of various diagnostic procedures, that a condition or conditions which are or are not present can be used to determine an illness. But also intuition plays a part. “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras” 2.

Prognosis from the Greek progignõskein, means literally fore-knowing, foreseeing. This in a general sense is a medical term denoting a doctor’s prediction of how a disease will progress, and whether there is a chance of recovery. This can seem to be an untenable situation with the inescapable prognostication of medical professionals.

Is it that the natural course and progression of a disease is immutable without the medical intervention? I think not. The totality of our consciousness, has paramount effect in the causation of reality. Of course this does not mean we are to ignore medical diagnosis, for such is also part of Spirit and as such, a means to healing. In a Metaphysical sense, in actuality there is nothing to be eliminated. Everything existant is present in reality at all times. All of the infinite multiverse is woven and intermingled with the One, of Source, of Love. Nothing exists in singularity excepting our egoic perceived separateness, everything interare, “I am, therefore you are. You are, therefore I am. That is the meaning of the word ‘interbeing.’ We interare.” 3 This is pointing toward a consideration of dependent origination, but for me speaks to the unique oneness of all of reality, the completeness of our intermingle with each other, all existant, the totality of Goddess/God.

Many perceptual and spiritual traditions believe that the mind completely controls the body as we reside in a universe of pure Source ruled by the Law of Cause and Effect. The only diagnosis and/or prognosis is that universal unity with perfect health is always constant at all quantum, micro and macro levels. Perfection and wholeness is the existant reality. In the presence of trauma or disease, we often bring in transcendence for possible explanation, which escapes the simply medical opinion. By moving beyond an erroneous conscious perception of mind, that one is imperfect, healing on an complete level can occur through the power of mind and prayer. Recognition and eradication of especially these hidden beliefs is important as one cause of disease is by inner emotional states. This can divert one into self destructive, addictive and unhealthy behavior in the first place. By realizing and releasing completely these closely clenched thoughts about ourselves, we can activate a complete and total cure and healing. We are a cocreator of our reality both in the tenor of our conscious and subconscious thoughts, and in our actions. Faith and our view of the world will determine the progression, along with actuality of the condition. For having faith is again interconnected with reality, and has an active effect consistently in the manifestation of such.

In the highest sense, we are one with the Divine and completely perfect. The progression of a disease is also so. The pathway of life can have many twists and turns. Often the attempt is to change the natural law to fit our definition of life instead of changing the definition of life to fit the law of nature (birth, sickness, and death as the inevitable). We can only remove the effects caused by our own minds as best we can. Spiritual practise is an avenue to the clearing of the mind, toward the end result of complete awakening. It seems to me that each and every aspect of life is a learning process. Challenges are the pumice which polish the soul. Faith and belief in something evermore wondrous to unfold, with rapt consciousness and an open heart for me is the key to this awakening of the God/Goddess consciousness within each of us. The question is, when this consciousness is awakened within us, will the law of nature be changed to fit our definition of life as opposed to the strict medical diagnosis/ prognosis? Yes, it will, if fully believed and affirmed. This is the belief of our tradition, that which I also hold to be the truth of reality. To the best of my ability I try to follow and aspire to fully embody the knowledge and truth.
Quote: 1- Albert Camus 2- Dr. Theodore Woodward 3- Thich Nhat Hahn

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Revi said...

We are at a turning point. The new world is emerging like a tiny sprout, as the old one crumbles.

I like the idea of prognostication.

We have to have faith that the greener world is coming.

But beyond that, we have to make it happen.