Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jump Time

"The maps no longer fit the territories. The only expected is the unexpected. Everything that was isn't anymore, and everything that isn't, is coming to be. We are in an era of quantum change most radical deconstruction and reconstruction world has ever seen ... We know that the new millennium we have entered is the intersection between worlds, between species, between ourselves and forever. We know ourselves to be pilgrims and its parents. No old formulas or stopgap solutions will suit for New World to be born. We must bring a new mind to bear nothing else will do. We as a species stand at the crossroads based with radical choices any which promise to make tomorrow look nothing like yesterday."

~Jean Houston PhD Jump Time

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Robert said...

It seems that I'm in a constant debate, both on and offline, about just this very idea. The current economic situation seems to exemplify the differences between those people who wish to cling to the "ways things used to be," refuse to dismount their dead horse, and those who know and accept radical changes which are coming (even if the exact nature of those changes remains unknown).