Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember Such

remember such as a time of day
that awakened thee as the morning

all hushed sensual in expectancy
embracing predawn’s reticence
when the light shifts soothing
towards thickly amber softness

walk upon wings across the fields
on feet made of whispers and breezes

there under the setting fullness moon
that if hollowed out a vessel
could not fully hold your love
mind silent as the rising dew
heart pure and holy

then all the animals, and the soil of earth
all growing things, the stones, the sky
and the very breath of the air itself
will offer forth with their soul to embrace you
become indivisible, interblended with you
be purified bursting forth as divine flame
a resplendent fire where nothing burns
nothing, not wings, not hands,
nor voices

and by the stars and by the moons
you are then bigger even than breath
larger even than the infinite whole
quieter than the silence that holds you
and by whatever this is
this is that,
which has

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